Batman Denies Callings to Save Los Angeles

With a 12% increase of homicides in Los Angeles in 2021 and wave of thefts plaguing the city, the Los Angeles City Council and police have lost complete control. The residents of Los Angeles have reached their breaking point after 17 train cars from a Union Pacific train were derailed at a location where cargo thefts have been occurring for months.

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Champion Dog Jumper Loses Accolades Over Sexual Assault Allegations

On Tuesday, the Federal Dogjump Association, FDA, announced its all-time champion will be stripped of its championship titles. Guss, a 6 year-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever, will have to surrender his three championship trophies, gold plated water bowls, and coveted collars.

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Bill Cosby Hired as Craft-Bartender After Being Released from Jail

In a surprising move, the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court ruled to overturn Bill Cosby’s conviction. In an even more surprising move, upon his release Cosby was hired as a craft-bartender in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Ruf Lin, bar owner in West Hollywood, gave Bill Cosby’s career one last hope.

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