Batman Denies Callings to Save Los Angeles

With a 12% increase of homicides in Los Angeles in 2021 and wave of thefts plaguing the city, the Los Angeles City Council and police have lost complete control. The residents of Los Angeles have reached their breaking point after 17 train cars from a Union Pacific train were derailed at a location where cargo thefts have been occurring for months.

“We need Batman!” Ben Kane, a Los Angeles resident, said. “We need the cape crusader. Where is he when we need him?”

After thousands of calls for Batman to bring law and order back to Los Angeles, his team released a statement.

“We are alarmed with the influx of requests for Batman to save Los Angeles from further peril. With the inaction from Los Angeles City Council, Batman feels Los Angeles has reached a point of no return and has deemed it irreparable.”

Without the help of Batman, Los Angeles, is left to fend for itself and bring the city back to safe and livable standards.

“I’m moving to Gotham,” Kane added. “At least the Defender of Gotham will keep me safe.”

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