The 84th Grand Sand Castle Competition Adds New Regulations To Prevent Sandgate 2019

Last year’s 83rd Grand Sand Castle Competition was plagued by scandals dubbing it Sandgate 2018. Nine contestants were disqualified for using imported sand from the Galapagos Islands where the beaches are renown across the world as having the best sand for building sand castles.

Ray Sandito, who was among the nine disqualified contestants, posted to his Facebook moments after his disqualification of last year’s competition.

“It’s common knowledge to everyone anywhere that Galapagotian Beach Sand is the best sediment to use when constructing an elaborate sand castle. If I know other people will be using it, so will I. It’s competition. I have been training five days a week for 17 years, you can’t do this”, Sandito said.

To prevent another atrocity, the Grand Sand Castle Committee added new regulations to keep the competition fair. Jary Jilkenson, who has been president of the committee for the past 35 years, released the new referendum in response to Sandgate 2018.

“The integrity of the sport must be maintained,” Jilkenson demanded. “This competition has been going strong for 84 years now.  We will not have another police investigation. We will not have cheaters! No more sandals*. No more Sandgate!”

The crowd of nearly seven people went wild as Jilkenson delivered his speech.

Jary Jilkenson and Ray Sandito are set to have a public debate on August 6th where they will discuss and debate the morality of using imported sand from the Galapagos. The debate will be aired by ABC 7 news and all revenue will be donated to the endangered sand crab species along California’s coast.


*Sandals is a sport terminology which stands for “sand scandals”


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