Mexico Changes Name of ‘Rattlesnake’ to ‘Maracasnake’

Mexico’s Department of Wildlife (MDW) has announced it will be changing the name of the native rattlesnake to ‘Maracasnake’ with the hopes of accomplishing absolutely nothing.

Victor Mariachi, the MDW representative who spearheaded the name change, is excited for what the new change will bring.

“When people think of a rattle, they think of a baby’s toy or something, you know?” said Victor.  “Plus, the Maracasnake sounds more like a maraca than a rattle.”

Toby Robertson of California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) isn’t looking forward to the name change and doesn’t know if the CDFW will honor it.  The name change will require countless hours of editing and tens of thousands of dollars.

“Wait, you talked to Victor Mariachi? Do you have his number?” Tony asked.  “Does he know how many trail signs and things like that I’ll have to change?”

The name change is expected to be fully transitioned from ‘Rattlesnake’ to ‘Maracasnake’ by 2022.  Although, the CDFW can petition the name change, experts and conservationists are expecting them not to.

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