Some Politician Somewhere Half-Heartedly Regrets Photos From Some Racist Frat Party

Decades-old yearbook photos are obligating politicians to give half-assed apologies for dressing up as Confederates, Nazis and black people at racist frat parties across Southern states.     

“Yeah, I guess I apologize for the picture of me dressed as a Nazi officer,” some politician somewhere said. “I’m still trying to figure out if it’s racist or just a bad taste in costume but yeah, my bad.”

Investigative journalists who have been bringing these racist photographs to light have been hailed as social justice warriors but some worry there might be a bounty on their heads to prevent more pictures from surfacing.  One journalist has even fled to Nicaragua after receiving a death threat in the mail.


“It was a harsh reality when I read the letter,” investigative reporter Al Journ stated.  “They think I’m black. I’m not. I’m a pale ginger that is just trying to hold the people running our country accountable.”

Although the threats are still imminent, investigative journalists are sticking to their core beliefs and will continue to do their research into racists politicians.

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