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PETA Attacks Pokemon Go For Holding Creatures Captive

PETA is no stranger to making obscene examples of themselves in the news but they may have just reached a new low.  As the world is being swept by Pokemon Go, PETA is saying Pokemon No.

“We need to stand up for these digital creatures! Even though they are made of pixels and aren’t living, breathing beings, they still need to have a voice and we are here to be that voice!” PETA member and Pokemon No campaign leader Bridgette “Sunshine Flower” Jones said.  “I could never imagine being held captive in a pokeball.  It’s too small and it’s inhumane.”

Nintendo, the creators of Pokemon Go, have yet to respond and most likely wont because it has billions of dollars to make.


Archeologists Find Signs That Lamar Odom Would Flourish In Medieval Cambodian Civilization

Using a laser mounted to a helicopter, explorers were able to discover civilizations they’ve been trying to find for decades.  The most recent find comes in the Cambodian jungle under the lead of archeologist Ivan Surchin.  When Surchin came out to the public that a new medieval Cambodian civilization was found, he made a rather interesting link to it. Continue reading “Archeologists Find Signs That Lamar Odom Would Flourish In Medieval Cambodian Civilization”