Rumor: LA Kings Will Ask Lakers To Borrow Lebron In Desperate Attempt To Save Failing Season

The Los Angeles Kings have been battling all season to not be the worst team in the NHL.  Currently at their wit’s end, a rumor is circulating that they are going to ask the Lakers if they can borrow Lebron to help boost their record and attendance. 

Bailey, the King’s mascot and Director of Synergetic Relationships, has spoken to some trusted sources about the situation.

“Bailey mentioned that he will be reaching out to the Lakers in an effort to get Lebron on some ice skates and on the rink,” our sources said.  “Bailey also mentioned that they don’t see it being a tough transition and that if you’ve seen him play basketball, it’s obvious he’d be a great hockey player.”

Fans of both teams are feeling very indifferent about it.  Jessica, an avid Laker fan since 2018, said that she can’t even, “That’s like really dumb.  I can’t even. He doesn’t even look good in a Kings jersey. Ew, those are so not his colors.”

On the other hand, ‘massive’ Kings fan since 2012 when the Kings won their first Stanley Cup, Steven and Chris Pedersin are excited for the idea of having Lebron on the Kings.

“We never thought it would be possible but we love the idea of it,” Steven said.  “All I want to do is watch Lebron play hockey and crush people while I crush Bud Lights.” Chris followed.

This will be the first time in history an athlete is borrowed by another team in a different professional sport.  Only time will tell if this rumor becomes reality.

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