Taquitos Originated As Ancient Mayan Tool To Snort Peyote

Scientists published a new study to the Journal of Snorting Devices earlier this week stating that taquitos originated as a device for Mayans to snort peyote – a hallucinogenic drug. This new information answers many questions regarding ancient mayan snorting methods.

This new discovery came from lead researcher Tony Farley who has spent the past two decades trying to answer the question “Did taquitos work as an instrument to efficiently snort peyote in ancient Mayan culture?”

“It was very rewarding to come to the scientifically-proven conclusion that Mayans did in fact use taquitos to snort peyote,” Tony Farley said.

Farley was able to come to a scientifically proven conclusion when he found residue of peyote in a fossilized taquito dating back to ancient Mayan time periods.  This finding was then linked to residue of peyote found in the nasal cavity of an ancient Mayan temple leader.

UCLA and West Virginia University awarded Farley with an honorary degree and $500,000 in grants for his profound research.

“What a spectacle it is to know how Mayans enjoyed snorting their peyote.” Farley said.  “Next, I will be using my $500,000 in grants to scientifically prove what surface they used to snort their peyote off.  What type of sediment was it? Was it smoothened? Or was it rough? I’ll just have to find out.”


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